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  • Eco Science Toys
    Eco Science Toys

    Recycle to save our Earth! Use every day waste to create fantastic science toys. Make a speed racer with old Cds and a toilet tissue roll, create a tornado inside empty plastic bottles, construct a gravity powered walking robot with a drinks can… and more. There are 7 science toys in total. Includes a 12 page colour booklet with full instructions and fun science facts. Everyday items to recycle not included. Age 8+ One of our best selling Science kits

    € 12.95
  • Let's Learn About - Toys And Games
    Let's Learn About - Toys And Games

    Let's Learn About - Toys And Games Let's Learn About Toys and Games is a stand-alone theme-study aimed at 1st and 2nd Class students. Toys are investigated from various angles, intergrating learning across History, Geography, Science, English, Maths, Art, PE, SPHE and Drama. The unit is designed to be taught within a four to five week time frame.

    € 4.95
  • Flying Science
    Flying Science

    Build fun flying toys and learn the science principles behind each toy. Contains 9 specially designed flying projects including an airfoil model, kite, boomerang and parachute. Age 8+ Includes: 1 x transparent airfoil template, 3 x tunnel reinforcement twmplates, 1 x adhesive tape, 1 fishing line, 2 x double sided adhesive tape, 1 x string, 1 x propeller blade, 1 x reel with string, 1 x propeller stick, 1 x joint, 2 x short kite sticks and 1 x long kite stick, 1 x boomerang, 1 set printed art paper...

    € 12.95