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  • The Green-go Turn of Telling by Aimée Sands
    The Green-go Turn of Telling by Aimée Sands

    Aimée Sands’ first collection is the work of a mature poet who has refined her craft in the course of years. The complex emotions of childhood versus the seductiveness and terror of the adult sphere with its secret shame and guilt are not so much explored as re-enacted here in language that is both figurative and precise, but also hauntingly oblique and mysterious. Despite her realization that there is little shelter and the edifices we construct do not shield us from our own fears, Sands manages...

    € 12.00
  • Commonplace Invasions by Jo Pitkin
    Commonplace Invasions by Jo Pitkin

    The poems in Jo Pitkin's Commonplace Invasions are rendered in the poetic equivalent of engravings in very old, weathered rock face. They are restrained and attentive, and invite the reader into the presence of a speaker who has privileged secrets she is nonetheless willing to share. Pitkin is a superb craftswoman—rare among the world of gifted emerging poets nowadays. Her fiercely capable sentences, many of them only three or four words, carry great weight. Hers is a voice careful but not timid...

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  • Portal by Mary Pinard
    Portal by Mary Pinard

    It is in section nine of “Confluence at Grays Harbor, Washington,” that Pinard indicates the bolder swath of landscape she will claim formally: “See,/for me this making of you, dutiful sailor, universal—part of a long/honored work—is some solace. Who but the poet is left to give the sea/its bittersweet due….” Here, the self-consciousness of form rises up in longer lines and cadences quoting and honoring Whitman’s poem “Song for All Seas, All Ships,” nearly each line identically or homophonically...

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  • Newgrange Salamander iNet Lamp
    Newgrange Salamander iNet Lamp

    Salamander iNet Lamp by Newgrange Living. Newgrange Living is an Irish brand of modern gift pieces.

    € 59.95
  • Castle Wing Francois Premier Salamander 41000 Blois France Old CDV Photo 1870
    Castle Wing Francois Premier Salamander 41000 Blois France Old CDV Photo 1870

    Ref. : A00587. Price : €30.00. Size (inches) : about 2.1x3.5, mounted on card 2.3x4.2. Date : ca 1870. Place : France, Blois. Condition : Albumen print mounted on card, Good condition, light stains & creases.

    € 30.00
  • Fire Salamander Greeting Card
    Fire Salamander Greeting Card

    Description This deluxe greeting card is exclusive to CJ Wildlife and is blank inside to allow you to add your own message for any occasion. Includes white envelope. All cards are sold individually and are also included in one of our four pre-selected 6 packs.

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