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  • Winter in the Eye: New & Selected Poems by Joan McBreen
    Winter in the Eye: New & Selected Poems by Joan McBreen

    Joan McBreen is one of these. In her ground-breaking anthology - before Field Day had come round to addressing the issue - The White Page / An Bhileog Bhan McBreen thrust Irish women poets of our century into the world and, not surprisingly, the anthology has been reprinted. As much as being a work of considerable study, compiling this anthology was a distinctly unselfish act in an age when many poets are selfish and self-interested (it may be noted in this context that royalties from sales of McBreen...

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  • Mayday Express
    Mayday Express

    Compact plant that reminisce of a little christmas tree. Short internodal distance with tiny leaf, will keep green and healthy easily. The final height and size vary depending on the time of sowing and the size of the pot, but will hardly reach the meter. Great for the urban discrete growing.

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    A funny, direct, lively and moving account of growing up in small-town Ireland. Healy lovingly coaxes his childhood into being until, one day, his elderly mother hands him the coded diary he kept as a teenage tearaway and the uncut past bursts in like a blast of raw air.

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  • Mosley May Mayfly
    Mosley May Mayfly

    DRY – Mosley May Mayfly Because of the short lifespan of the highly visible, winged adult form, the mayfly is called ‘one-day’ or ‘one-day fly’ in some languages. Often, all the mayflies in a population mature at once (a hatch), and for a day or two in the spring or late season, mayflies will be everywhere, dancing around each other in large groups, or resting on every available surface.

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