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  • Interior Design Furniture Template Kit, magnetic House planning with scale furniture templates
    Interior Design Furniture Template Kit, magnetic House planning with scale furniture templates

    Magnetic walls, windows and doors. 2 x Base A4 boards (each represents 70m square). 2 x Scale rules (one for metres and one for feet). Kitchen Furniture templates. Dining room Furniture options. Bathroom suite templates (including a variety of shapes and sizes of units). Living room furniture templates. Bedroom Furniture pieces. 3 x stair options (straight, right angle and spiral stairs). Selection of Radiators. Pack of 10 info cards with planning tips and advice. Title Block to label...

    € 99.91
  • VALMA Food Environment Paint
    VALMA Food Environment Paint

    Aqueous emulsion paint for food environment suitable for premises, displays... in the presence of food without permanent contact. VALMA paint is ready to use, anti- fungi and anti-bacterial, and very washable. Suitable for concrete, plaster, brick, wood, metal, PVC etc... Custom-made colour possible in 15 kg, but only in (light) pastel shades: please contact us. Remarks : - Satiny appearance. - Apply in 2 coats. - Average use approx. 10 m²/liter/coat. - Interior use only. - Not suitable for floors...

    € 125.00
  • FRIGOVAL Food Environment Paint
    FRIGOVAL Food Environment Paint

    Flexible acrylic water-based paint for protecting and decorating the interior of food cold storage areas. Easy to use and to wash and perfectly waterproof. Remarks: - Ready-to-use monocomponent water-based formula. - Matt white velvety appearance. - Remains flexible up to -20 °C. - Average use approx. 12 m²/liter/coat. - Anti-mold and anti-bacteria, ultra washable. - Interior use only.

    € 125.00
  • VALSOL Epoxy Paint
    VALSOL Epoxy Paint

    Solvent-containing bi-component epoxy paint giving a very hard semi-shiny surface to factory floors or walls, garages, terraces, theatres etc... . VALSOL is particularly resistant to abrasion and chemicals. Remarks: - Interior use. - Very resistant to abrasion, to bases and acids as well as oil and grease... - Apply in 1 to 2 coats with a roller, a brush or a special pistol for bi-component paint. - Average use approx. 3 m2/kg on concrete and 5 m2/kg on steel after application of a primer.

    € 125.00
  • VALTEX Wall Paint
    VALTEX Wall Paint

    High resistance water-based finishing paint for wall renovation. Odourless, very resistant against cracking, flaking and  becoming chalky, in particular when used on the exterior. Remarks : - Fungicidal action, odourless, velvety mat appearance. - Dilute and clean your material with water. - Interior and exterior use. - Very easy application in 2 coats. - Average use approx.8 m²/liter/coat. - Available in white, and made-to-order in 5 and 15 liters.

    € 27.70
  • 3D architects model kit to create a scale model house interior
    3D architects model kit to create a scale model house interior

    A3 Magnetic Base. Perspex Cover. Black Case to carry model in. Magnetic Modulor Walls. Windows (4 different sizes). Doors (hang left or right). Adjustable Stairs. 2 x Figures (magnetic). 2 x Trees (on magnetic base). Kitchen Furniture (13 pieces). Dining Room Furniture (12 pieces). Living Room Furniture (12 pieces). Bathroom Suites (12 pieces). Bedroom Furniture (12 pieces).

    € 948.50
  • FOBOIS Paint
    FOBOIS Paint

    Very resistant paint imitating the grain of raw wood. Suitable for all interior and exterior supports of PVC, medium, hardboard, laminate, wood, chipboard, paint, plaster, metal, cement... Afterwards, the treated surface blends in with the wooden environment. Remarks : - Suitable for stairs, wooden floors... - Apply in 2 coats, the second serving to create the wood grain you want with the help of the Notched Brush FOBOIS below. - Satiny mat appearance.  - Do no wait too long between the two coats...

    € 125.00
  • HYDROLAC Paint
    HYDROLAC Paint

    Shiny aqueous fast-drying lacquer paint for decorating and protecting interior walls, steel, light metal and plastic. Remarks : - Apply in 2 coats. - Average use approx. 8 m²/liter/coat. - Dilute with water.

    € 125.00
  • Sweet House
    Sweet House

    It's home sweet home with the Sweet House! This wonderfully colourful wendy house has been designed in blown plastic for a sturdy build, while the roof is made of injected plastic. The bright colours are weatherproof and won't fade over time. Kids will spend hours in the spacious interior coming up with all kinds of creative play!

    € 232.41
  • VALCOAT Food Compatible Paint
    VALCOAT Food Compatible Paint

    Coating for all materials in permanent contact with foodstuff from - 20°C to 100 °C: wine or water tank, wine press, food truck, earthenware or cast-iron fondue dish... VALCOAT Food Compatible Paint is a solvent-free bi-component epoxy paint which is delivered in a kit containing the paint base and the hardener. Can be used on metal, stone, concrete, wood, extruded polystyrène ...Only 2 colours have been certified: white and basque red. Remarks: - Interior and exterior use. - Smooth enamelled semi...

    € 125.00
  • SOL Floor Paint
    SOL Floor Paint

    Mono-component acqueous finishing paint recommended to protect and decorate the floors intended for pedestrian traffic: balconies, entry halls, play rooms, work shops, floors with floor heating etc... Particularly resistant to products for everyday cleaning. Suitable for cement, natural stone, fibrocement, porous floor tiles. Remarks : - Interior and exterior use. - Velvety appearance (between mat and satiny) - Apply in 2 coats (dilute the first one with 5% of water) . - Average use approx. 6 m...

    € 125.00
  • ACRYVAL Paint Mat
    ACRYVAL Paint Mat

    Mat acrylic water-based finishing paint for all interior surfaces, furniture, walls and ceilings. This paint is very covering and of great "whiteness". It is resistant against UV rays but lets the surface breathe.  High resistance against saponification. Remarks : - Odourless. - Apply in 2 coats. - Average use approx. 8 m²/liter/coat. - Available in" made-to-order" colours in 5 and 15 liters.

    € 125.00

    Bi-component shiny polyurethane lacquer paint for the protection and finishing of metal surfaces like tool and agricultural machines, truck bodies, silos, containers, vats, garden furniture and metal fittings etc... Remarks : - Shiny stretched appearance. - Interior and exterior use. - Average use approx.10 m²/kg/coat. - Apply in one or two coats after applying a primer (see technical file below). - Available in white or made to order, see below. - Cleaning of material with Thinner POLYDILUANT Valmour...

    € 125.00

    Professional extra-strong paint stripper. Removes all types of paint, varnish, tint, 10 minutes and with a single application. Can be used on all surfaces: wood, metal, glass, concrete etc.  Remarks : - for vertical surfaces, choose the Paint Stripper Gel below. - no need to rinse. - does not contain caustic soda or chlorine. - interior/ exterior use. - average use 6 m²/litre.

    € 125.00

    High quality satiy lacquer to obtain a perfectly smooth hard surface. ELASTOBOIS is used to decorate interior and exterior  surfaces like wood or metal carpentry, doors, shutters, walls, furniture etc. Thanks to ist micro-porous structure ELASTOBOIS lets the surface breathe and can therefore be directly applied to the wood. ELASTOBOIS is a thixotropic paint (its viscosity decreases when stirred and goes back to its initial state afterwards), and can be applied easily without running or splattering...

    € 37.33
  • The house is in need of interior renovation
    The house is in need of interior renovation

    The accommodation is set on a stone base and comprises of on the ground floor, a hallway (7m x 1.3m) and two sizeable rooms (3.5m x 3.5m) each. An external stairway leads to the first floor, which is made up of a hallway (4m x 1.5m), three spacious rooms (3.5m x 3.5m), (4m x 4m), (3.5m x 2.5m) with hardwood floors and a balcony (2m x 1.5m).

    € 8,990.00
  • Japan Japanese House Interior Old Stereoview Photo NPG 1900
    Japan Japanese House Interior Old Stereoview Photo NPG 1900

    Ref. : S00728. Price : €20.00. Size (inches) : about 3.3x7. Date : ca 1900. Place : Japan,. Condition : Silver print, very good condition.

    € 20.00
  • Drawing Peasant House Interior Bern Switzerland Old Photo CDV 1870
    Drawing Peasant House Interior Bern Switzerland Old Photo CDV 1870

    Ref. : A00772. Price : €30.00. Size (inches) : about 2.1x3.5, mounted on card 2.3x4.2. Date : ca 1870. Place : Switzerland, Bern. Condition : Albumen print mounted on card, Good condition, light stains & creases.

    € 30.00
  • The house possesses a solid structure but needs major repairs of the interior and façade
    The house possesses a solid structure but needs major repairs of the interior and façade

    The residence rests on a massive stone foundation and comprises of on the ground floor, a glazed verandah (2m x 2m) and three light, sizeable rooms (4m x 4m), (4m x 2m), (4m x 3m). An external staircase with ornamented banisters leads to the first floor, which consists of three spacious rooms (4m x 3m), (5m x 4m), (3m x 4.5m), one with hardwood floor and a balcony (3m x 2.5m). There is mains water, electricity, water pump, a well and an external toilet.

    € 20,990.00
  • Airless Paint Spray Unit Project 115
    Airless Paint Spray Unit Project 115

    The allrounder: whether water or solvent based media, you can work with all popular varnishes, glazes, and also emulsion and interior walls paints with the exception of fa?�ade paints.

    € 350.99
  • Detached House for sale near Bedarieux
    Detached House for sale near Bedarieux

    At 10 min from Bédarieux, on the Causses, protected landscape, very nice character house, partly built in stone, of 125 m² on 7000 m² land with exquisite meditarrean garden and dominating far views on an intact landscape : living room with fire place, heigh ceiling and mezzanine, coming out onto terrace, equipped kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom and a bedroom and bathroom with separate entrance coming out onto terrace. Central floor heating, insulation, double glazing. Very charming contemporary interior...

    € 375,000.00
  • Eco-Plate House Sparrow Nest Box Pack
    Eco-Plate House Sparrow Nest Box Pack

    Description House Sparrows like to nest in colonies so we've produced the Eco-Plate House Sparrow Multi Boxes. You can site these together or individually to encourage House Sparrows to nest. Eco-Plate is a material made from recycled car interiors and offers good protection from the weather and a high level of resistance to attacks from woodpeckers. The two greatest challenges facing House Sparrows are lack of nest sites and lack of insect food during the breeding season, so we've teamed the nest...

    € 42.25
  • Farécla G3 Paint Renovator 500ml
    Farécla G3 Paint Renovator 500ml

    I bought my car a few months back and it needed a bit of TLC. I have spent a lot of time improving the quality of the leather interior and chrome detailing and I will replace a few items in good time. However, the paint needed some attention due to a lot of swirl marks and quite a few scratches. Also, the colour needed reviving! I bought this after reading a good few forum discussions about Farecla products. I had looked at various before and after pictures and it seemed to be a good choice to make...

    € 13.49
  • Meguiars Interior Detailer-G13616
    Meguiars Interior Detailer-G13616

    The fastest way to clean all interior surfaces. Use every time you wash or Quik Detail your paint to give your interior that just detailed look. In just 5 additional minutes, your entire interior will look sharp and smell fresh. Quickly and easily maintains the look and feel of interior plastics, vinyl, leather, rubber, metal and even audio/video equipment. The safe, high lubricity formula lifts off dust, ashes, dirt, grime, spills and fingerprints without build-up.

    € 14.91
  • Photos of Ashleigh House
    Photos of Ashleigh House

    The relaxing ambience created by the tastefully decorated interior of the premises is the perfect atmosphere in which to holiday. There are 10 guest rooms available, all fitted out with modern facilities. Guests can also enjoy the facilities of a spacious TV lounge.

    € 35.00
  • CE8: Headley Court - COUNTRY HOUSE - Clare
    CE8: Headley Court - COUNTRY HOUSE - Clare

    The house, built in 1997, was carefully and meticulously designed to the highest standard in interior design. Offering maple flooring throughout the ground level, guest dining/drinks area, abundant with antiques and a large sweeping mahogany staircase leading to an open landing decorated with tapestries and antique prints.

    € 75.00
  • House near Magalas, Herault
    House near Magalas, Herault

    Interior = Lounge/living room/equipped kitchen of 70 m² (upper and lower units, sink, electrical oven, induction hob, american fridge and extractor fan) with patio doors opening onto the terrace + + 2 bedrooms of 13 and 12 m² + bedroom of 10 m² with mezzanine hall of 5 m² + bathroom of 5 m² (bath, shower and washbasin) + wc.

    € 291,600.00
  • Marjolein Bastin Feeding House Canvas Print
    Marjolein Bastin Feeding House Canvas Print

    Description Marjolein Bastin is a much-loved Dutch artist who is the creator of the popular Vera the Mouse series and her Hallmark collection is one of the company's best-selling lines. All of her nature drawings are about the connection between man and nature. She paints her daily surroundings, wildflowers, birds, insects and other aspects of nature that inspire her. Our Marjolein Bastin mugs have been a bestseller since their launch 3 years ago and we are now pleased to be able to extend the range...

    € 18.75
  • Volvo S40 1.6 D SPORT 4DR / Full Volvo Service History / Black Leather Interior / Finance Arranged / Warranty Included
    Volvo S40 1.6 D SPORT 4DR / Full Volvo Service History / Black Leather Interior / Finance Arranged / Warranty Included

    Volvo S40 1.6 Diesel Sport, Full Volvo Service History, Spec Includes: Black Leather Interior, Climate Control, Alloys, Front Fog Lamps, Power Steering, CD System, Metalic Paint, Comes Fully Serviced with a Warranty. Call Autolink Motor Co On 01-8855955 Same Day Finance Available.

    € 7,495.00
  • Ballinkeele House in Enniscorthy Co. Wexford Ireland
    Ballinkeele House in Enniscorthy Co. Wexford Ireland

    Ballinkeele offers luxury country house accommodation with a difference. The interior of the house has retained it’s Victorian elegance with grand old fireplaces and original vintage furniture throughout. With just five uniquely decorated bedrooms, all with private ensuite bathrooms, guests experience the exclusive nature of staying in a historic luxury guesthouse and stately family home. In such a peaceful and tranquil setting, the house is a sanctuary of laid back luxury where guests will sleep...

    € 75.00