Gemstone Shape Guide
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  • Essential Study Guides - Shape / Space / Measurement / Data
    Essential Study Guides - Shape / Space / Measurement / Data

    Essential Study Guides - Shape / Space / Measurement / Data Features: Pupils will find these attractive, easy-to-use, double sided reference materials crucial to everyday learning. Laminated for durability, the Essential Study Guides come in a convenient A4 size specifically designed to fit neatly into a ring binder or just stand alone. Or, perhaps, have a set at home and a set at school! (Parents will find them a fantastic resource to have at home too). There are five essential study guides for...

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  • The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds
    The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds

    Description by Richard Crossley This is the first book to feature large lifelike scenes for each species. Each scene is composed of 12-20 images showing the bird in a wide range of views, near and far, different angles, various plumages and behaviours, including flight, all in the habitat in which they live. Shows how a bird's appearance changes with distance and gives equal emphasis to characteristics experts use to identify birds, size, structure and shape, behaviour, probability and colour....

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  • Letterland ELT - Teacher's Guide
    Letterland ELT - Teacher's Guide

    Letterland ELT - Teacher's Guide An elementary phonics ELT/ESL course in 21 lessons. The 21 flexible lessons in this guide introduce a basic English vocabulary, key grammatical structures, the shapes and sounds of the Aa-Zz, short and long vowels and the sh and ch digraphs. Clear, easy-to-follow lesson plans plus an Activity Bank full of teaching ideas means your pupils will quickly gain valuable speaking and listening skills and early mastery of the Aa-Zz letter sounds. Photocopiable student cards...

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  • Guide 30+ SL
    Guide 30+ SL

    Product Description - Guide 30+ SL It carries all the hardware and is built to take a beating: the Guide is a strong companion for rough outings. The revised pack now shows a sleek shape, features an improved ice axe holder, and the new position of the hip fin anchor points provide a very compact, body-hugging fit for complete carry control. Details: Removable, very lightweight multi-chamber aluminium X-frame The pivoting Vari Flex hip fins are removable so the pack can be used with just the waist...

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