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  • An Adventure for Robo-Dog
    An Adventure for Robo-Dog

    Robo-dog and the other toys in the toy box have a late night adventure.

    € 6.20
  • Taggies Buddy Dog
    Taggies Buddy Dog

    The Taggies Buddy dog will make your family complete, he is a cuddly 12" dog with a lopsided grin and floppy brown ears, made out of the softest microfiber around! This Taggies stuffed dog is so cute and cuddly that you will enjoy them as much as your little one. Like all Taggies, Buddy dog comes with patented looped ribbon tags that babies love to explore, which only adds to the love and fun. More details

    € 21.99
  • Pimpled Squeaky Latex Toys - Large (TP)(DLMIX)
    Pimpled Squeaky Latex Toys - Large (TP)(DLMIX)

    These toys are colourful and have all sorts of bobbly bits to make for extra entertainment for your dog.

    € 5.50
  • Surf's Up Surfboard Dog Toy (Contains 1) (PEDS)(ZA1281)
    Surf's Up Surfboard Dog Toy (Contains 1) (PEDS)(ZA1281)

    Made from water-resistant neoprene, these surfboard dog toys glide across the water, making fetching near water a blast!

    € 5.99
  • Dog Special 01
    Dog Special 01

    Product Description A fanstic value for money selection. Included in the specially packaged item wrapped for Christmas, are ……. Pack of ten rawhide bones, Pack of chewing sticks, two sqeaky toys, Large throwing ball, Small throwing tennis ball, Figure of eight rope toy, Rope toy with two tennis balls. A great Christmas gift !

    € 14.50
  • Dog Special 02
    Dog Special 02

    Another superb special for the dog in your life. Included in the packaged parcel are … Ball Thrower & two tennis balls. Throwing tennis ball on rope, Rope figure of eight, Four sqeaky toys, Rawhide Bones & rawhide shoes. Fantastic Value!

    € 17.95